Who We Are

The organisation Social Action for Development “S.A.D” in acronym, is a non-governmental and non-profit association, created in 2010 and approved under number 530/830 with the ministerial order of 07/14/2011.


The purpose of the S.A.D is to support children and families in crisis and vulnerable situations to find their comfort and adequate well-being.

What We Do

— Child protection

The S.A.D organization has a proven track record in the field of protection and puts the best interests of the child first. In a crisis situation where children are increasingly vulnerable, the S.A.D is always among the first organizations to provide added value through vital support to children facing enormous protection risks.

— Education

S.A.D focuses on quality education through the establishment of community daycare centers and the establishment of basic schools for all children in rural and disadvantaged areas where most children do not have access to education.

— Women's Empowerment

Our interventions focus on the fight against gender-based violence through the economic and social empowerment of women in order to strengthen their economic and decision-making power as well as improving the living conditions of the family. Hence our “Gender mainstreaming and Human Rights based Approch”.

— Health

In the field of health, the S.A.D believes that its interventions cannot be effective without having improved the health of families and children. It is for this reason that the S.A.D organizes awareness activities on a healthy and balanced diet, family planning, and diseases of dirty hands.

Impact Stories

A Brighter Future — For Children of Buterere

Succes story

A Brighter Future — For Children of Mishiha

Success stort


Kigobe Sud, 4 Rue Muhabo, Avenue du Cinquantenaire Bujumbura – Burundi

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